Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Phallus, the Erect Penis

“To write of archetypal masculinity means to concentrate upon phallos, the erect penis, the emblem and standard of maleness. All images through which masculinity is defined have phallos as their point of reference. Sinew determination, effectuality, penetration, straightforwardness, hardness, strength -- all have phallos give them effect. Phallos is the fundamental mark of maleness, its stamp, its impression. Erection points to a powerful inner reality at work in a man, not altogether in his control. This inner reality may be different from a man’s conscious desires at a given time. Phallos is subjective authority for a male, and objective for those who come into contact with him. This is what makes phallos archetypal. No male has to learn phallos. It presents itself to him, as a god does. Phallos opens the door to masculine depth.

from Phallos, Sacred Image of the Masculine by Eugene Monick

John Rechy, Bi-Sexhunter

   “Johnny’s is an easy masculinity -- not stiff, not rigid, not blundering nor posed. The fact is that, as with all truly sexually attractive men, there is something very, very subtly female about him; yes, there is that something which is vaguely female, there is nothing feminine, there is nothing effeminate.

“He walks gracefully, weight6lessly, like a panther -- and with just the slightest trace of a cocky swagger. His eyes are green, and they’re rimmed by thick, full, curled, almost ridiculously long lashes. He constantly flirts by glancing down through sleepy lids, then looking up quickly. He has dark-brown wavy hair. A slight crook in his nose keeps him from being a pretty-boy and makes him, therefore, much more attractive and masculine. He has a tremendous smile, which he has often observe himself while looking into a mirror. It begins, his smile, almost shyly as the barest hint of a grin -- then, disappearing entirely for an instant as if he has decided not to smile afterall, it spreads suddenly -- bursts radiantly -- very wide, revealing white, even, dazzling teeth.

“So the “femaleness” has to do with the fact that he moves sensually, that his eyes invite, that he is constantly flirting, and that he is extremely vain.

“Many people have told him he’s very handsome. He likes to hear that, and he never denies it. But he knows that the designation is not exactly correct. Precisely: he is much more sexual than he is handsome; and that, for Johnny, is even better. There is something about him which exudes sensuality He knows it; he may even have cultivated it. Again, as with all truly sexually desirable me, he attracts both sexes -- even, among his own sex, some who will never recognize that attraction, who will feel it, disguised, only as a certain anger and resentment toward him."

a self-portrait from the best-seller Numbers by John Rechy


   Researchers at the University of Chicago found differences in homosexual self-identification based upon race, determining that whites were more likely to consider themselves homosexuals than other races who engaged in homosexual activity. Many who engage in same-sex sexual behavior do not consider themselves homosexual because they do not identify with other homosexuals, because they only take part in certain limited circumstances or because they also have sex with persons of the opposite sex.

“Most people think of racial identity as a matter of (racial) status, but they respond to it as behavior,” writes Henry Louis Gates Jr. in The New Yorker. In contrast, “most people think of sexual identity as a matter of (sexual) behavior, but they respond to it as a status,” he adds.

 “Blacks have a different way of actually trying to conduct themselves,” says one. “We don’t tend to put ourselves in any kind of categories. The way I conduct myself, I think I’m open. I’m open enough for me.”

I’m only a homosexual when I’m having sex with a man” is the way they put it.

“They [people] talk about it in such a way that makes it seem you’re not talking about a human being. The focus should be on love, whether it’s between two men or however it is expressed.”

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Dog Spelled Backwards

A Soulmate

'Told 'em the fucking truth.'

'Not a problem ...'

'I feel the same way.'

'primarily bisexual'

  "As simply put as possible, love is the force out of which being comes. Love seeks expression and creativity. Sexual expression is one way that love seeks creativity. It is hardly the only way. It cannot be confined to sexual expression only, nor can rules be given as to how often normal adults should sexually express themselves.

"Many men, labeled homosexual by themselves and others, want to be fathers. Their beliefs and those of your society lead them to imagine that they must always be heterosexual or homosexual. Many feel a desire toward women that is also inhibited.

"As long as you equate identity with your sexuality, you will limit the potentials of the individual and of the species. Each person will generally find it easier to operate as male or female, homosexual or lesbian, but each person is primarily bisexual. Bisexuality implies parenthood as much as it implies homosexual or lesbian relationships. Again here, sexual encounters are a natural part of love's expression, but they are not the limit of love's expression.

"Many quite fine nonsexual relationships are denied because of the connotations placed upon homosexuality. Many heterosexual relationships are also denied to persons labeled as not being heterosexual, by themselves or society. People so labeled often feel propelled out of sheer confusion to express their love only through sexual acts. They feel forced to imitate what they think the natural male is like and, on occasion, end up with ludicrous caricatures. These caricatures infuriate those so imitated -- because they carry such hints of truth and point out so cleverly the exaggerations of maleness that many heterosexuals have clamped down upon in their own natures.

"There are 'lost' portions of the Bible having to do with sexuality, and with Christ's beliefs concern it, that were considered blasphemous and did not come down to you through history.

"Again, it is natural to express love through sexual acts -- natural and good. It is not natural to express love only through sexual acts, however. Many of [psychotherapist Sigmund] Freud's sexual ideas did not reflect man's natural condition. The complexes and neuroses outlined and defined are products of your traditions and beliefs."

from The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression by Jane Roberts, a spirit medium,  who claimed to channel  a male energy personality, a centuries-old Entity who called himself "Seth."

'the child knows unerringly'

    "Children of either sex identify quite naturally with both parents, and any enforced method of exclusively directing the child to such a single identification is limited Under such conditions, feeling of guilt immediately begin to arise whenever such a child feels natural affiliation toward the other parent. The stronger those natural inclinations are, the more the child is directed to ignore them in your society, since certain characteristics are considered exclusively male or female. The child is also coerced into ignoring or denying those portions of the personality that correspond with the gender it is being taught it cannot identify with.

"The squeezing of personality into a sexual mold begins early. Continuing guilt is generated because the child knows unerringly that its own reality transcends such simple orientation. The more able the child is to force such an artificial identification the greater its feelings of inner rebellion. The psyche, with its great gifts, always feels thwarted and attempts to take countering measures."

from The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression by Jane Roberts, a spirit medium,  who channeled  a male energy personality, a centuries-old Entity who called himself "Seth."